5 Things I Learned in College Life 1 Year After

It’s been a year since I have been admitted in the Polytechnic University of the Philippines-Manila as a freshman student who barely knew anything about the student life in Manila. I was so nervous back then but I also felt excited about college. I was excited because it was a different setting, far from the life I knew in high school, it was a challenge and I was prepared to face them.

By looking back, I can say that my experiences in that year are enough, to say that I am already knowledgeable about the do’s and don’t’s in college. So to cut everything short, let’s take a review on the 5 things I learned in college life 1 year after:

  1. I learned to appreciate things. 
    Knowing that I am studying in a state university which is funded by the national government, resources are limited to the students. With the things that are available to me, I have learned how to maximize their use to their full potential. Other students may see that our university lacks equipment and has poor facilities, I still appreciate their use and I am contented. Libraries, classrooms, arm-chairs, rest rooms, parks, gymnasium, and all the things available to us students, I am happy with what I see.
  2. I learned to sacrifice things to achieve another.
    Well, expenses and costs associated with studying in Manila is not that expensive, but since I am living in a city which is kilometers away from my university and with the allowance my parents are giving me, I really need to save and to prioritize. There are times that people need to choose between what they need to have and what they want to have, with the budget which is not enough to get both. I learned how to sacrifice some of my pleasures in life just to get things important to my studies. I avoided buying shoes, apparels and novels just to ensure there is enough money to buy school requirements and books.
  3. I learned how to travel on my own.
    Yeah. That is one of the greatest things I am proud of. Now I know how to travel from one place to another without the need to be accompanied by my parents or somebody older than me. The first time I tried to travel by myself, of course I was nervous, but as the days passed I got used to it. Also, there were times that we went to different places for research and school purposes, and yes I did it!
  4. I learned how to deal with different people.
    Polytechnic University of the Philippines is the largest university in the Philippines in terms of population having tens of thousands of students being enrolled every year, and of course, every day I got to interact with people unknown to me or people that I am still getting to know. With the organizations and school activities that I have joined in a span of one year, I learned how to deal with people regardless of their age and status in life. It’s a necessity to survive in college.
  5. I learned how to be a good and responsible leader.
    For the past years, I have been given opportunities to hold different positions in school. I also attended leadership training seminars which helped me become a good leader. But, with just one year of staying in the university, I can say that I gained different leadership abilities which helped me become a more responsible person.

These are just some of the things that I learned in my first year of stay in my beloved university. Now, I am second year college and I am looking forward to learning more from my experiences. I am soooooo excited!

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