10 Things I Expect From The Blood of Olympus


Yey! The cover of The Blood of Olympus! 🙂

I may not be updated with the news because this was already revealed last May. I was so excited when I saw the news about the book today and I can’t contain my happiness and excitement! I want to read it now! But, the sad thing is that it will be available on October 7, which means I need to wait for mooooooonths!

Right after I finished the 4th book there are few things that came into my mind, that I want to see in the last installment of The Heroes of Olympus series. So here are the things that I am hoping, no, EXPECTING from the BoO.

  1. None among the 7 demigods including Nico, dies. 
  2. Uranus rises. 
  3. Gods, goddesses and demigods fight hand in hand.
  4. Camp Half-blood and Camp Jupiter unite.
  5. Octavian dies.
  6. Leo finds his partner.
  7. Three couples (Percy & Annabeth, Hazel & Frank, and Piper & Jason) getting married.
  8. Gods and goddesses living in harmony with their children in the camps.
  9. Kane Chronicles and Heroes of Olympus cross-over.
  10. Preview of Uncle Rick’s next series about Norse mythology.

How about you guys? Aren’t you excited about the book? Let me know! 🙂


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